BEFORE YOU CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE… read my awesome disclaimer…

I don’t usually do the promotion of other people on my social networking sites. I find that I am this way mostly because I don’t like being told to check something out, and I refuse to do that to those who support me. I much more enjoy the fortune of stumbling across an inspring video, site, person, photo, etc and feeling as though I discovered a buried treasure all on my own. I would never want to take that hunt away from you guys. However, I really do find this person inspiring and I feel it is only fair that I share his talents with my crowd of supporters, followers, interested listener… whoever you may be. I also realize that quite often my internet discoveries are not solo endeavors but more or less group collaborations thanks to things like tumblr, facebook, youtube, and even twitter. Soo… go ahead… click on the link and join me in supporting something awesome.

The artist who creates these masterpieces is a good friend and a awe inspiring human being. I have recently become a fan myself and I urge you to do the same. ENJOY.!/Swavey

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